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For those who saw Inside The Mind Of Leonardo and thought the music was fantastic, here is the opening track.

Codex Atlanticus by aKido. The album will be out later this month.

New album - August 28th on iTunes and #aKido #soundtrack #insidethemindofleonardo #petercapaldi  #leonardodavinci #picturehouses #skyarts #history #iwc
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New album - August 28th on iTunes and #aKido #soundtrack #insidethemindofleonardo #petercapaldi #leonardodavinci #picturehouses #skyarts #history #iwc

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Song: All Your Fears

Album: Undark (2012)

Even if Undark has been out for more than a year now, I always go back to it with great pleasure. This still too well hidden Montreal gem (I’m baffled as to why that is) is just about to release his original motion picture soundtrack for Inside the Mind of Leonardo, a documentary based on the journals of Leonardo da Vinci. I can’t wait to hear it. But in the meantime, don’t deny your pleasure and head to to get your ears full of great stuff !

                                                    Tuesday, July 30th 2013, 8h45pm


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016 (by alain.rocha)

May 29, 2013

Sometimes we’re invited to play music live on TV.